We are looking for highly motivated researchers in broad areas of mechanical engineering, material science, polymer science, physics, chemistry, and/or biomedical engineering. See our research area here.

Ph.D. students

Postdoctoral researchers

Undergraduate and M.S. students

Advising Statement

We value scholarship, creativity, originality, integrity, diligence, communication, and collaboration. There is no hierarchical structure and each group member will directly discuss with the PI. Each member is expected to meet the PI weekly, where we get to know each other, discuss research ideas, study literature, troubleshoot technical problems, and plan the next step. Each member may meet the PI more intensively in writing sessions, where leading authors and the PI work closely on papers together. The PI helps each member develop expertise in the field and find an original research direction, and then internal/external collaborations will be followed. The PI personalizes advising strategies considering the circumstance of each member. We experience doing research with joy and aim to align our values with productivity for a more fulfilling research experience. We commit to building a community where all members can grow intellectually and mentally.